SC2000 GNSS Receiver

GNSS Reference Station

The Stonex SC2000 GNSS reference receiver is designed to be used either as stand-alone reference station or as part of a series of reference stations. The Stonex SC2000 can be easily configured using a web interface, so a software interface is not required. Moreover, it has a wide OLED display making it easy for any user to configure.

The SC2000 is fully compatible with most common GPS network software and is typically used as an NTRIP server. It also works seamlessly with the Stonex software NTRIP CASTER. It manages many NTRIP connected rovers and, because of its rugged lightweight design, it can be powered by either DC Battery or AC Network to support a temporary GPS network (i.e. construction sites).

The SC2000 GNSS reference receiver runs on a 13,600 mAh battery and has a working time of up to 20 hours. It supports raw data logging with up to 50 Hz update rate. This device has 32 GB of internal memory which allows for the collection and storage of large amounts of data. Available communications include: WiFi and Bluetooth.

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